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Tranquility Massage
Massage Therapy
TDS Specialty Massage
Therapeutic Massage
-A relaxing massage that reduces stress, alleviates toxins from the body & relieves both mental & physical fatigue. Designed to leave you fully relaxed. Perfect for "first timers." 
*30 min/$30, 60 min/$50
-An extended version of the Tranquility Massage with hot towels for the back and feet. 
90 min/$85
-A deeper, stronger, more intense massage using neuromuscular techniques to work on problem areas. 
*30 min/$40, 60 min/$60
Myoskeletal Alignment Technique (MAT)
-is a type of bodywork which blends the principles of osteopathy and structural integration to relieve chronic pain, and to reduce the potential for the emergence of pain which could become chronic over time. This is a must try for anyone experiencing chronic neck and/or back and/or hip pain, scoliosis, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome, forward head posture, poor posture, slumped shoulders, or joint dysfunctions. “The goal of Myoskeletal Alignment is to create homeostasis by restoring the bodies own inborn ability to be healthy. By utilizing specific hands on maneuvers that stimulate the fascia's sensory receptor system, the Myoskeletal techniques help to reshape and restore elasticity and range of motion to restricted muscles, ligaments and joint capsules that control, support and restrain spinal motion.” -Erik Dalton, Freedom From Pain Institute.  
90 min/$95
Prenatal Massage
-Pampering for the mother-to-be. Designed to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy. Consult with you physician before scheduling. Not recommended for first trimester. Certified Prenatal Therapist available. 
50 min/$50
-This ancient healing technique focuses on reflex points on the feet and hands that correspond to every part of the body. 
30 min Feet or Hands/$25
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Add any of the following services to your massage or facial.
Lash/Brow Tinting-Lasts 4-6 weeks. A great way to darken lashes or brows/$20

Eye Rescue-A moisturizing eye massage to help alleviate fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. $10

Peppermint Scalp Massage-A "peppy" scalp massage to help relieve tension headaches. $10

Facial Stone Massage-This ancient technique uses warm and cool stones on your face to help relieve sinus congestion and pressure, and to soften fine lines and puffiness. $10

Hand Facial-This therapy alleviates the stress in your overworked hands. Consist of scrub, masque, paraffin dip and moisturizing massage. 30 min/$35

Foot Facial-Beginning with a warm foot soak, this therapy pampers the most abused part of your body. Includes a scrub, masque and moisturizing massage. 30 min/$35